If only having us there to do crafts please add $50/hr after + cost of craft. If adding to a Teddybear Workshop Party just add cost per craft.
Please note there may also be a travel fee depending on distance.
Rate may be more for larger groups if additional employees are needed.

These adorable critters 

only $1/Caterpillar 


Kids create one for themselves 

and one for their stuffie! 

$3 / Child

Type of Beads varies and style 

of bracelet depends on child.


Paint/decorate a T-shirt for their stuffie to wear. 

$5/child plain white T-shirt

Add $2 for printed T-shirts 

T-shirt style may vary.

Decorate Bear Bags:

Paint/decorate a bag to carry their stuffie in. 


Please note: Style of bag varies.

Please note: Some pictures of crafts are shown via a link from the original website where they were found to give them credit! If there is a dead link ie picture not showing... please let us know!  

More crafts available.. 

Have a theme you want a craft for? Let us know we'll come up with a couple ideas and you can pick what you like! 



Cute Rudolph pot $3 / child

Adorable   Snowman   $3

Candy Cane $1 
($0.50 with another craft)

More to come!